Papers Templates


You can download template for Microsoft Word: click here


1. Manuscripts should comply with the format of the WESPAC 2018 Preparation Guide Template files.
2. Download the WESPAC 2018 paper template and prepare your manuscript according to the instructions given in this file. Edit the template source file, replacing the existing text by the contents of your paper.
3. When your paper is ready, generate the corresponding .doc file.
4. Please include the name of the corresponding author in the file name.
5. Check if your paper file is no larger than 2 MB. If it is, reduce the resolution of your illustrations. Proofread your paper! There will be no proofreading of papers done by the WESPAC 2018 Scientific Committee.


1. Full paper can be submitted only if your abstract has been accepted.
2. Log in to the Participants area with your login details.
3. Click the link "My Papers", which you can find on the right side of page.
4. If there is an accepted abstract in My Papers area, click "Details" button next to the abstract title to open the paper submission form "My paper/details".
5. Before submission, please fill in "Author and Co-authors" table at the page bottom. Please do not use exclusively capitals in authors' information, as part of this information will be used in the authors' index.
6. If necessary, modify the abstract to be printed in the Book of Abstracts.
7. Make sure the abstract and paper titles are the same, check carefully spelling of authors' names and institutions.
8. Browse and upload the .pdf file of your paper by clicking the button "Submit" at the bottom of the submission form.


By submitting your full paper to be published in the WESPAC 2018 Proceedings you agree to transfer copyright of your paper and its abstract to Springer Proceedings/POMA/the Journal of the Acoustical Society of India (JASI). For a full description of the terms of the copyright transfer, please click here.


In case of any problems occurring during the full paper submission procedure in the .doc file, please contact us at