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The list of submitted abstracts (16) can be ordered by title, author, session coauthors or country by clicking at the top of each column.

No.SessionAbstract titleAuthorCoauthorsCountry
#1 PU0 Synthesis, Spectroscopic and ultrasonic studies of Cu (II) surfactant derived from Karanj (Pongamia pinnata) oil in methanol-benzene mixture. sharma Arun Shema khan, Rashmi Sharma, Arun Kumar Sharma* India
#37 BIO2 Tropical ocean soundscape, an index of biodiversity Akamatsu Tomonari Akamatsu Tomonari, Lin Tzu-Hao, Sinniger Frederic, Harii Saki Japan
#38 ISP1 Experimental study on excitation methods for an acoustic phased arc array transmitter Baiyong Men Men Baiyong*, Ju Xiaodong, Qiao Wenxiao, Lu Junqiang , Che Xiaohua , He Weiliang China
#39 AB0 Roof Design to Isolate Rainfall Noise to Provide Acoustic Comfort in the Hall Sulkunte Iyengar, Arun Sulkunte Iyengar Arun*, Singh Mahavir India
#40 EN1 Urban Mobility and its Possible Environmental Impact on Community Noise from New Air Traffic Bauer Michael Bauer Michael* Germany
#41 AB9 Design strategies for façade of the naturally ventilated tall building for acoustic comfort related to railway noise in Mumbai Dawalkar Pooja Dawalkar Pooja*, Udyavar Yehuda Roshni India
#42 EN10 Noise Assessment for Flight Procedures by the German Environment Agency Thierbach Roman Thierbach Roman* Germany
#43 DPL Development in urban sound environment: towards soundscape indices Kang Jian Kang Jian* United Kingdom
#44 DPL Future Issues in the Field of Acoustics Bhat Rama Bhat Rama* Canada
#45 EN0 Long-term Environmental Noise studyOver Delhi in Silence and Commercial zone Soni Kirti Soni Kirti * India
#46 PU7 Impact of Sintering Temperature on Metal-Insulator Phase Transition in La1-xCaxMnO3 Perovskites – an Elastic Evidence K Sakthipandi Arunachalam M, Thamilmaran P, Sakthipandi K* India
#47 SV8 Ultrasonic Complex Vibration Welding Systems Using Various Exchangeable Welding Tips for Different Welding Specimens Jiromaru Tsujino Jiromaru Tsujino* Japan
#49 MA5 Interior Cavity Sounds in Indian Classical Musical Rythm Instrument – Ghatam Bhat Rama Bhat Rama, Juras Dainius* Canada
#50 DPL The use of time reversal for source detection, defect localization and perceptive structures. GUYADER Jean-Louis GUYADER Jean-Louis France
#52 DPL Acoustic Black Holes: Recent Developments and Applications in Vibration Control Prasad M.G. Prasad M.G.*, Zhao Chenhui United States
#53 MA4 Some investigative studies on the tones of sitars Joshi Renuka Renuka Joshi, Keith deSa India